VST System Link - Sample Gap - Sync 2 Nuendo DAW

Hello everyone.

I need to synchronize 2 machines for multitrack recording. There are 2 MacBookPro M2 with Nuendo 13. The recording runs over DANTE and the VST SL also runs over it. It works perfectly so far. But when I record, I hoped that the audio samples from start record to stop record would be exactly the same length. Unfortunately, these differ (dynamically) by 2000-3000 samples at 48kHz. Does anyone know what could be the reason? The idea, of course, is that I can layer and mix all 128 audio tracks (2x64) one below the other with sample accuracy.

Or does anyone have another idea how I can synchronize two Nuendo machines exactly?

Thank you!

I got the same problem with 3 computers. I am using SPDIF to sync each computers. Also video is not in sync between 3 computers. I wrote to support today.