VST System Link -- tempo the achilles heel?

I’m tired of buggy Cubase/Pro Tools sync setups (Pro Tools in this case only hosting picture and maybe recording stems into it). I’m looking into replacing Pro Tools with Nuendo and syncing Cubase/Nuendo with VST System Link. It sounds perfect in every way–no actual master/slave, sample-accurate sync. I could even offload some effects to the Nuendo computer for extra processing power!

It sounds amazing, except for…tempo.

According to the manual, both projects need to have the exact same tempo/meter for sync to work. Given the fact that the point for me is to host video in Nuendo and write all my cues in Cubase, this clearly won’t work. Cubase’s tempo will at times be all over the place. The only way to ensure that the two will be in sync is to mirror every single tempo and meter change in Nuendo, but…just, no. Too many reasons to list why that won’t work.

Can someone from Steinberg confirm whether or not this limitation can be overcome? If not, it’s an absolute shame because if the two could sync without regard for tempo (instead based on timecode), Nuendo could overtake Pro Tools in basically every Cubase-using film composer’s studio.