Hello everyone
I am looking at buying a Presonus studio 192 for my new AMD Ryzen 7 1800X rig .
My old 8350 rig has 32 gig of ram and could handle 30 to 40 vsti’s with its m-audio lightbridge so it would be a shame to unplug it.
Just wondering if anyone has a studio 192 and could please do a quick self test to check if it is compatible with VSL.[bottom of devices tab]
that way i can feed my old O2R into the lightbridge so can continue to run my older hardware keyboards and sampler and farm out some secondary vst’s without any stress to the new rig so thanks for your help in advance.

Kindest Regards

Ok so i have the studio 192 at home and i can confirm that VST SYSTEM LINK VSL does not work on this interface.
A real shame that no one supports this feature including steinberg,
Presonus claim thier hardware is ASIO compatible?

Its not true that “no one” supports this feature.

Thanks for your help very informative :smiley:

After 2 days of solid mind bending internet searches it appears if I hit the software mixer bypass button VST SYSTEM LINK will work on the Presonus studio 192not that it is mentioned anywhere on the internet that i can find it’s so sad what users have to go through to get sH(i=T done.Way too hard to list the spec of a ASIO driver in a manual.eg Focusrite,Rme,Presonus m-audio Steinberg.