VST Track issues.

At first I though that this was a known issue with using Kontakt as an instrument track. Where at some point the sound disappears. Well I have had this problem with other VST instruments. It certainly happens if you change the instrument in the track a few times without deleting it (The track) and loading a new track. I know! I am a musician! I’m lazy!
I don’t suppose this is an issue that will be resolved in the forthcoming update?

i have had the whole *sound disappear as well,… using an rme babyface… dunno what the reason is…

Thanks for responding. Is that with any specific vsti?
I use an RME fireface UC. However this is a Cubase thing - I think.

nop, just a kind of general thing… then all sound is gone, not just from one vst… need to restart when that happens…

but, so far so good on 7.5.10

*fingers crossed;)

Unfortunately this suggests that there is a problem with the instrument track. Anybody else with info?