VST Transit 2. Coming soon

Today I came across this new plugin called Satellite Plugins by Mixed In Key and I am impressed how come Steinberg didn’t come up with such a brilliant idea. I just cannot think of using VST Transit anymore. So many features are missing.

VST Transit seems to be outdated and not new update has been released for quite a while now. A year has passed since the start of the pandemic and not update has been released supporting online collaboration.

Can please Steinberg give us some head-up regarding the future of VST Transit. I got tired of waiting. Any news would be welcome.

While Steinberg is falling behind with online collaboration tools, other companies are trying harder and achieving successful results.

Steinberg should follow this path, as online collaboration is the future.

Please give us VST Transit 2 with a complete overhaul, new features (folder track, fader in/out (not just straight line), automation, group tracks, FX, etc) and lastly, cross-DAW compatibility.

I am just sayin’