VST Transit GO login works but locks up after

When I first logged in a few days ago everything worked but I seemed to have access to someone else’s files. A few logins later I no longer see those files and can see my own. However the app will not respond to anything I push. If I let it sit long enough it will pop up with results of something I tapped but still will not respond after that. Eventually the app will time out and log me off. I am suspicious that it may have less to do with the app and more with my profile. Not sure this helps you! Good luck with this app, great concept!


Sorry to hear that. Do you still have those problems or have they been fixed for you meanwhile?

Thanks for asking! It has not been addressed yet. I am hoping that it will be resolved in the next release. I actually think it became an issue after I added an image to my profile. Probably coincidence! Pete

So you still have problems that the app ist stuck? If so, would you mind to let us know your Transit user name (possibly in a PM)? Thanks.

I tried to send a PM and it looks like it is sitting in my outbox. My transit name is psmith15@maine.rr.com. Thanks for taking a look at this!!


Hello! My answer from yesterday is still in my PM outbox. My username is PETERSMITH04105. I hope this helps.


sorry, the system keeps forgetting to inform…read and replied to your PM.