VST Transit project loosing all non-Steinberg instruments and all plugin settings

Hi I use Cubase Pro 11.0.10 and VST Transit on MAC Bic Suhr 11.2.3 and so does the person I work with. We have asked this in a support question, but no answer for 8 days so I’ll try here instead.

Our issue is that when I share a project, the other guy can sync it to his MAC, open it and play it. However, every track with a non-steinberg instruments (Kontakt, EZ keys etc) has lost all information about what instrument to use (and we have exactly the same versions and instruments to not get version-issues). On the other hand, all Steinberg instruments, Halion, PadShop, Retrologue, is working as expected.

On top of that, all other plugins, Line6 Helix as an example, have reverted to the patch that the plug has when startin it up, meaning all programing/patch changing is gone

I see one ild post regarding this, but no answer from users or Steinberg support personell. Does that, and the fact that no one from Steinberg Support has responded to our support ticket, means that Steinberg have no solution?