VST Transit Rant

I’m excited about some features in 8.5 and ECSTATIC about the new Pro-Tools like track import system. But VST Transit really confuses me.

What were they possibly thinking with this feature? What use could this possible serve ANYONE? First, my collaborators have to be on Cubase - very rare. Next, they’d need to have the same plugins I’m using - rarer still. And don’t even get met started on the complications of using sample based VSTs and instruments.

The only way this would work is if I sent a project consisting solely of bounced stems with no effects or midi instruments. Which is doing all the work i’d normally do to get someone else up and running. And even then this only works if my collaborators HAPPEN to have Cubase.

No, this will never, ever replace sending stems and click tracks. It’s a real shame anyone spent any time on this feature.

The other thing to consider, for those who do/would find this type of working useful, is why Steinberg didn’t just join along with others (Logic, Live, FL Studio) on Splice.com

Any service that prioritizes the top 4 most pirated DAWs isn’t to be taken seriously.

(Logic, Live, FL Studio) = 4 ?

4.5 :wink:

They also support GarageBand.

lmao good one