VST Transit: Requirements and Log-in Issues

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Please find some things to keep in mind in this knowledge base article: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/vst-transit-requirements-and-log-in-issues.html

Thank you very much.

Save my credentials doesn’t work. I can’t click to check the box, nothing happens.

(plus you can’t tabb from username fielnd -> password field)

… sorry, fixed in the next update. coming soon with the auto-update-mechanism.


vst transit continues to resist all attempts to log on. says password is wrong (it isn’t).
i tried changing my password as recommended. no joy.
btw, if you care, the here button to change password on the vst transit help page doesn’t link to anything…

would be very useful if one could log in to the service.

this can’t be that hard - seriously.

update after another (3rd?) password reset it worked.
thanks to michael

Same here. Impossible to login to vst transit or vst connect pro (latest vst connect pro and cubase pro 9 on windows 10 64 bit). with the login details that work for mysteinberg. Nothing unusual about my password and I’ve tried changing it. Any thoughts on what to do? Thanks. Rob


Are you connecting to VST Transit with your MySteinberg-E-Mail? You already changed your password to a simple one? If that all will not work, please contact me : m.spork (at) steinberg.de


Hi! Is possible to use cubase pro 8 , ore is 8.5 required to access the vst cloud function?

And og so, is it possible to update only to 8,5 ore is the latest version of cubase recommended.

And… og so will Windows 7 work with the latest cubase?


Kjell Arne

upgrade to Cubase 8.5 and you should be fine. Windows 7 is not officially supported but might work (64 bit only).

When I click on VST Transit I get a window that says VST Transit in the upper right corner, and the rest is all black. Nothing comes up. No log in screen. I am using Cubase 10.5.20Build 179, on a Windows 10 PC


… can you please show me a screenshot?

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Sorry this took so long, but here is the screen shot
I have two monitors set up, the right screen is Cubase with the VST transit window.
I have let the transit window sit open for more than 10 minutes with nothing happening.
And thank you for your quick response, I apologize again for my slow one.

Did you try the new version (4.0.45)? If the problem persists, let us know. But first try if it also appears on the first monitor, thanks.

I tried it on the other screens, makes no difference. I find that I do have the USB E-Licenser listed under My Products in the Software tab, “VST Transit Join”. Also, I see that I have installed VST Transit Core (1.0.1), VST Transit Join VST3 (1.0.1), and VST Transit Join AAX (1.0.1), as well as VST Connect Performer 64 bit (4.0.44), and VST Connect 64 (4.0.44), all installed on the same day, 7-26-2020. There was also an installation of VST Transit (1.0.13) on 5-17-2020.

It seems that Steinberg is using VST Connect and VST transit as the same thing, even though they are completely different. In trying to troubleshoot my VST Transit problems, all I find are VST Connections discussions. I am confused. I want to transfer Cubase .cpr files and .wav files to my friend and collaborator who is also using Cubase 10.5.20. I am not interested in recording with him at the time, just transferring back and forth updated files. Can this be done or not via the VST transit?
Please note that the topic heading of this discussion is VST Transit: Requirements and Log In Issues, yet the Support Link suggests articles regarding VST Connect.

sorry for one post of mine here that relates to VST Connect.
The basic login process is similar though.