VST Transit - Track 'ownership' can it be changed 'Set Permissions' within the Transit window?

I’m slightly confused or just misunderstand the way things are shared with friends in VST Transit.

I have a project that I want to share with a drummer, I’ve created blank tracks in my project that are set up and labelled for him to record on when he receives the project via VST Transit.

The whole idea of me doing this was to save him time and also making sure that he records exactly the channels in his setup that I want.

As current functionality stands, when the drummer receives my project, he can arm the blank tracks (as they do appear correctly in his project) but absolutely nothing can be recorded to those tracks as it would appear that I ‘own’ them and he CANNOT change anything that I ‘own’ (or that originated from me)

I do understand some of the reasons for this, but is there (or can there be) an option to allow another user/friend to be able to edit and record over/on tracks that I send them ?

More of a ‘Set Permissions’ for each track… i.e. each Track ‘Can Be Edited by Project Member X’