VST Transit updates/improvements/expectations

so I tried VST transit when it first came out, I wanna say 2015 !?!?

now it’s 2021 and I have used it sporadically and it just gives me frustrations every synced project as in the start. The idea is fantastic and I would expect that at least it works great from 1 Cubase 11.0.10 machine to another Cubase 11.0.10 machine.

I have a premium account, but I am not even close to using my limit every month because all my friends are very very hesitant about using Transit because of the problems.

The main issues are missing sounds for me.

  • I have Diva, the other machine has Diva - I would expect that to work flawlessly

  • If I use Sampler track or Groove Agent there should be an easy way to make the samples available for the other users - if it would work for Batteri and other instruments that too would be great but at least for Cubase integrated software it should be automatically synced.

Today I came across this new plugin called Satellite Plugins by Mixed In Key and I am impressed how come Steinberg didn’t come up with such a brilliant idea. You could try it with your musician’s friends.

VST Transit seems to be outdated and not new update has been released for quite a while now. A year has passed since the start of the pandemic and not update has been released supporting online community.

I wished Steinberg continue with the development of VST Transit. It has big potential.