VST Transit

Hello! Former Cubase user that’s recently upgraded to Nuendo. I noticed that Nuendo 10 doesn’t have VST Transit. Will it be getting it or am I missing it somewhere?
Thank you!

I believe this is the one Cubase feature Nuendo will not be getting.

That’s a bummer. Thanks for the reply!

How do you know this?


Under : “collaboration” tab.



Whats this VST transit really is? I´m not quite following, as it says no matter what DAW you use? Why wouldn´t it work in N10?

From the website ->
VST Transit: The world of music cloud collaboration
Imagine making music with virtually anyone — no matter where they are, no matter what DAW they use.

I thought Timo said Nuendo will have EVERYTHING Cubase has and more. That they alogned the tools and Nuendo had the post features on top. No more differences?

How does this work? And why isn’t N10 capable for it? How does it differ from studio pass?