VST Viewer 1.0.61 Pre-Release online


it’s Friday and a new Pre-Release of the VST Viewer is 1.0.61 online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [VV, 1.0.61].

At the moment we fixed the resizing problematic with the VST Viewer. You also need VST Live 2.0.24 for the full resize support.

If you have any wishes for the Viewer, please let us know.

Thank you,

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my wishes :

  • add an “Always Stay on Top” - option to the Breakout Window (so I can hide the VST Viewer main windows behind it and do not need to drag it to another screen)

  • add some smaller steps to the “ZoomIn” and “Zoomout” (my optimal size is always between two of them :smile:)

  • or : add an “Always Zoom Top Optimum” option

  • add an “Always Fit To Screen” to the Breakout Windows (with no title bar, so I can use the full screen size for my document)

  • make the VST viewer optionally autostart on opening the VST Live project (without “Globals” … “Modules” …)

Thank you !


… I see. Good one.

… we’ll work something out.

… I don’t understand that one. Can you give me some more hints, please?


I like it, like Zoom to widh /or height maybe? :slight_smile:

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After opening the project I am in the “non Global”, “Layer” view (this is my default workspace). The VST Viewer is not visible.

To view my lead sheets on a second monitor using the BreakOut window I have to

  • Click on “Globals”

  • Click on “Modules”

  • Click on the (hard to find) “e” besides the “VST Viewer” module Name

  • (sometimes switch on the Breakout window)

  • (sometimes Check if the positioning of the BreakOut Windows is correct)

  • Hide the “VST Viewer” window if it has appeared in top of the VST Live Windows (see my first wish)

  • Click on “Globals” again (to achieve “normal” mode)

  • Click on “Layers” (to see my default workspace)

Sure : it is not a big thing doing that clicks. But on stage you are pleased about everything thats running automatically and you don’t have to care for.

So optimum - for me - would be to add an option “Start VST Viewer BreakOut window after loading the project” and it would do all these clicks for me.