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Hi, is there a way to get a pdf File, which ist moving in time to the song, sending to vst viewer? and can i see it on an Ipad (VST live mods)
I would like see the lyrics and the chords at the same time. also woud be nice to show Notes like “Refrain:” …
thank you

Have a look at the “Notes” module. You can access it with the “Views” menu at the top right.
You may add “Time Anchors” at the current position, Notes will scroll there when the time is reached.

i think i’m too stupid for this piece of software.
i just want to show my band members a leadsheet. i tried a pdf on vst viewer, i tried text in Notes, i tried a picture in Notes with time markers, nothing works (vst crashes most of the time)

i can find no manual for vst viewer, no video tutorial …
where from do you have all your infos …

We don’t accept crashes at all, so we’d be very grateful if you could send us crashlogs. If you don’t know where to find those, pls. let us know your OS (Windows or Mac or iPad).

Page 84

Did you try search “VST Live” in youtube? This is the first one that appears:

ok, thank you, i’ll give up. i saw all of these videos also i read the manual many times, so maybe its my fault and im really too stupid

i’ll try camelot pro

Windows 10, vst live 1.1.50

Hi @BlazingBlazer,

could you please locate the following folder and share all crash log files for VST Live with us

what’s you idea? You have a VST Viewer and you want to turn the pages in time?

… it’s already on our request list.

Select the CHORDS Tab and show the lower zone. Now you can select the LYRICS View in the lower zone. Or, are you talking about the VST Live Mods application?

Are you talking about the VST Viewer and PDF annotation to write “Refrain”?


hi spork!

there are no dumps from that specific time, (only previous crashes) i opened a pdf File in the module with the vst viewer

suddenly the program closes (2 times without any alert) there are no dumps

in the pic you can see how i want to display the sheet for my mates, this ist what i mean with Refrain, Intro …

if its possible i want to send this pdf on the ipad of my band members, but i dont know how, i only can choose from “lyrics, chords, notes and metronome” in the app, and it would be perfect if it scrolls in time to the song
(sorry if my english is hard to understand … :man_shrugging:)
thank you, Andi

… can you zip the files and give it to me?

Is it randomly? or with a specific file? Do you see a pattern?

Ah, I see. Yes, we are working on that topic. Please be patient.

See you,

VST Live Version 1.1.41 2023.2.4 (1.2 MB)

it hapens a lot of time, at the moment i can not switch to my steinberg audio interface

also no dump-file


… Yes, I see. We already fixed that one! It has something to do with the “Changing Driver + VST Viewer”. A new Pre-Release is coming soon. A workaround : “Change your driver before you are working with a project which contains the Viewer”.


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… question : Are you running 1.1.50 or 1.1.51?

Thank you,

… I see. We have fixed the crash already with a Pre-Release 1.1.51. If you like you can download it here. But be sure that HALion Sonic SE is installed. Very important for that version.


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i found a dump file from today, not shure was the reason for that crash
VST Live Version 1.1.51 2023.2.24 (362.8 KB)
greetings …

… thank you. We’ll analyse them!