VST window maximizes and dims the desktop behind it

Hi all,

I have trouble when using larger UI vst plugins. When I open them, they open in a small window, where I can click on it, and then it opens the real vst UI, except it opens it in the middle of the screen, while dimming the behind real-estate, which is super annoying… especially because I can not have these vst plugins open in full UI on a separate monitor, while running my project window on my main monitor… what to do?

I attach a screenshot of a vst opened in fullscreen mode

on OSX mavericks

all the best, Lasse

Sounds like a 32bits architecture plug within a 64bit host…
Nothing to do here except checking flux for 64bit versions (v3)
They are moving all their excellent tools to 64bits those times…

Or you can try and launch your host in 32bits instead of 64.
But then you “lose” your x64 only toys…
Can’t sait for this giant transition to be over…

thanks for the response, i’ll try with the 32 bit version

you were right! with nuendo in 32 bit it works like it should! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: