Vst-Window on second screen wrong dimensions

VST-Plugin windows have the wrong size on the second screen, if the primary screen has different OS scaling.

Windows 10
Cubase 11 Pro


  • have to screens
  • in windows set primary screen to 3840x2160 150%scaling
  • secondary screen 1920x1080 100% scaling (off)
  • create two instrument tracks with maybe komplete kontrol and serum
  • move both windows to your second screen
  • and close them again
  • now open them again
    plugin windows appear with dimensions too small

-play around with different scaling settings and find:

scaling of first screen seems to be applied on second, but in the wrong direction.
100% (first screen): windows are correct on second screen
150%: windows are a bit too small
200%: windows are even smaller, exactly half width and half height

the window size is repaired, when you drag them over to the primary screen and then back to the secondary, they have correct size after that.

(I used two different plugins to show it’s probably not a VST manufacturer issue)


This is an known issue, if you switch from HiDPI to non-HiDPI screen and back.