VST2 discontinued across entire Steinberg product range - Windows and Mac

announcement here:

in the next 24 months

that’s going to be a bit of a showstopper for many users I suspect.

VST2 that are still in use everyday - and where VST3 aren’t available
For exisiting/legacy projects
For plugins for which the developers no longer exist

I know we’ve been through all this before (32bit /DX plugins etc) but about 20% of my plugins are still VST2 only and in some cases the VST2 version works better than the VST3 one.

I understand that continuing to support VST2 takes Dev time but I’d rather have that than a bunch of extra plugins or sample sets when new version are released. If you need to remove the VST2 code then make a VST2 to VST3 bridge for example ?

As somebody that has bought every Cubase update since V1 Atari it’s going to be hard for me to justify upgrading to a version that doesn’t support some of my most useful plugins.

Steinberg, please don’t shoot yourself in the foot and give users MORE options not LESS


Phew, I don’t like that. There are important plugins that will no longer be available in Steinberg products. It seems to me that Blue Cat’s PatchWork is the way to go.

Doesn’t bother me as I don’t buy any Steinberg updates anymore anyways due to the new licensing system. I keep my machine frozen, it has no internet access. Should be good for at least another 10 years.

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Oh dear, Let’s hope plugin developers respond well to this and VST2 plugs move to VST3. (Such as Native Instruments etc.)

Appreciate why the change needs to take place and this forces the move.

But where’s the allowance for plugins no longer developed? Cubase is a DAW with such grand legacy it seems mad that there’s no kind of official bridge if VST2 compatibility will be disabled within 24 months.

This further supports why people should always export stems of products as part of their backup/archiving procedures.

I do feel for those longer term users who wish to remain current on the paid update path, most will at least need to upgrade their plugins if they’re using the VST2 version as they don’t update unless absolutely necessary.

One question: How would a project load if I had VST2 version instantiated and only VST3 is available in future? Will it automatically load the VST3 equivalent, or would the project fail to load correctly?

If the project fails, this really is a massive kick to the userbase, and not at all in parity with the celebrate 30 years of Cubase event had a few years back.


NI are mainly (fully?) VST3 now - but a great many aren’t and some will never be.

assuming the plugin ID is the same then yes - theoretically it should load the VST3 plugin (YMMV)

that’s the bit I’m not entirely clear about ? It’s not a technical issue ?

just to note some of the VST2 only plugins that you may lose. It’s not just some small ‘edge cases’

ALL the Soundtoys ones (although they claim to be working on VST3 versions)
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
A handful of NI ones (abysynth / reaktor / Battery etc)
Rayzoon Jamstix
Relab LX480
Alitverb (in fact all the AudioEase stuff)
Black Rooster Audio ones
East West Play
ALL the Gforce synths
The Korg collection
Lexicon plugins (unlikely to be ever upgraded)
U-he stuff (the few VST3 bits are broken)
UJAM stuff
SINE player
UVI workstation
BFD (although that’s broken for lots of reasons )
all the XLN stuff (AD1/2/XO etc)
Some of the Zynaptiq VST3 plugs are suspect to - the VST2 ones are better

I, for one, can’t upgrade if I lose these.


UVI said they could release vst3 any day when needed

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Is this a Mac or PC issue, or both?


and I suspect some of the other vendors will too…but not all will or can. Some of them haven’t been updated for years.

I suspect everyone has something on that (incomplete) list that they ‘might’ lose.

In 2022 it’s not just about the DAW - it’s the entire infrastructure that’s important - and the plugins are far more valuable than the DAW in many cases. There needs to be an AMAZING reason for us to ditch those plugins.

both !

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Cheers for the reply,

I am not sure if they are talking Cubase 12?

11 is currently supporting (of course) VST 2.

Hmmm, why are they making things so tough, it’s beyond me…

I don’t personally think that any plugin company will be stubborn and not update to VST3.

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So that’s an upgrade things then…so…no more upgrades…I worked my behind to pay for my plugins and I am not ditching anything!!!

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no SB haven’t said that although they haven’t been hugely specific, but VST2 WILL be supported in C12… although VST2 on M1 macs will need to run via Rosetta

All that has been said is that within 24 months the entire (NEW) product range won’t support VST2. So that will be C12.5/C13

well some may and some may not - and some may require a paid upgrade - and some may not even exist any more. And lots of older plugins that people use (kontakt v5 for example) are never going to be upgraded to VST3

and me


I’m quite happy to bin any vst2 plugins. Happy to find alternatives. If vendors are not prepared to upgrade their plugins then you shouldn’t be using their plugins. So you should be moving on anyway. Hopefully, this will force vendor’s hands and we can all move on.
Good news.

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what’s your reasoning behind saying this ? I’m not trying to be confrontational I’m interested in why you say that.

For example I use Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 a lot - it’s currently VST2 - what’s the problem as you see it ?

I’m not happy with this. I asked toontrack about this a few months ago and they will be making SD3 vst3 but I have a lot of ujam plugs and not all the latest versions. I would hate to lose them and don’t want to pay for the latest versions if they only make them vst3. If it works out this will cost me a lot then the version before support is removed nay be where I stay.

You are happy to lose all your money you spend on your VST2 plugins?

I don’t get this…

That’s me done with upgrades then…

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I’m not losing any money. I spent my money got my money’s worth out of the plugins, now I’m happy to move on. Losing the use of something is not the same as losing money.

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Well, no, not really.

You bought the plugins, and you won’t be able to use them any more.

Effectively, this means that , well, you are losing your money…

It’s not like a car where you get mileage out if it…

Plugins are digital and can work for life, some are invaluable in terms of how important they are to a user…

Personally, if a company that I use products from is not keeping up with the times then I’m happy to ditch them. They are not what I look for in a company or its products.

Do you still drive a car that uses solid tires? Still buying VHS or even better Betamax.
I know that people are going to lose the use of precious plugins but that’s all selfish me me me attitude. Just bite the bullet and get on with it. I know I’m being a bit harsh but VST2 was going to go at some point. Companies just won’t pander to people not wanting this and wanting that with no thought for the future. I’m just not that type of person.
Though, Superior Drummer 3 is my favorite drum plugin and I will cry if they don’t upgrade it. I think they will. Fingers crossed.

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