VST2 plug-ins no longer working

Having happily worked with Wavelab since version 5 and developed my chains for re-mastering over 15 years imagine my dismay when my fave VST for adding harmonics to the peaks of my mixes - PUNCHER no longer works with Wavelab Elements 11.1…when it still gives me great results with 9.1.
I fell for the Upgrade offer for 20 euros but find little benefit when this and other saved Presets no longer work. It appears to me a waste of money after my long trust in Steinberg…back support is important to some of us users who may not be the most sophisticated sound engineers but know the feel of our preset choices to simple restore the great sound of old and salvaged vinyl masters no longer available without huge effort finding and learning a new plug-in in vst3

You’ve not made it clear to what extent your plug-ins don’t “work”. Do they not show up? Are there graphical or audio glitches?

VST 2 plug-ins are fully supported by Wavelab 11 on Windows and on Mac OS (when Rosetta Mode is enabled). Please make sure that you’ve got your VST 2 plug-ins placed in one of the standard plug-in folders such as:

  • C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\
  • C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2\

Please also make sure that you have the 64 bit versions of the plug-ins installed. If they still wont work, make sure that you have the latest versions of the plug-ins installed.

Ultimately, it’s primarily up to the plug-in developers to support hosts such as Wavelab. Get in touch with them if you’re dealing with compatibility issues.

I am running Windows 10 on a PC DAW set-up with Wavelab Elements as my sound re-mastering software. Elements 11.1 gives no options as you indicate BUT ALL my Presets and VST plug-ins are in Folders allocated to be searched for in the Preferences - Plug-in search pathways. They are read at start-up but not listed. Rosetta that you indicate is not available to try.
They appear in Elements 9.1 and this works fine so all is not lost just 20 euros for an Upgrade that does NOT provide a use for a customer such as me. I will use Elements 9.1, as from what you say there is NO FIX in 11.1 to restore my long loved Plug-ins including my Sonnox De-Noiser/Declicker/Wavelab 5’s PUNCHER and RescueMk2…which are all treasured effects. Steinberg have not done a good job with this upgrade and I remain totally dissapointed with them and this product.

As Romantique_Tp told, make sure that you have the 64-bit versions of the plug-ins installed. My best guess is that you have the 32-bit plugin installed; hence they are ignored.

Yes it seems Steinberg replaced my previous installation of Elements 9.1 in a 32 bit version due to set-up problems at 64 bit at a previous time so I am able to use these plug-ins although some now have 64 bit versions which the current NEW 11. 1 version doesn’t read. I have found de-clicker and denoiser in the Restoration Rig from Steinbergs Current Resident Plug-ins so can learn to use them if I want to. The advantage of Puncher was it added harmonics to all of the peaks whilst retaining Dynamic Range…and was an easy ‘go to’ version. I have found some new free plug-ins at Variety of Sound so will try them…or probably just stay with my 32 bit Elements 9.1