Vst2 plugins blacklisted

Hi, I just factory reset my pc and reinstalled all my software. My vst2 plugins, like NI Kontakt and other soft synths are now blocklisted with a message saying vst2 is not supported. I’m using 10.5.2

They worked perfectly fine before. Any ideas why they wouldn’t now?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

I guess NI installed vst2 32bit first…
the vst2 64 bit versions should be useable

Thanks st10ss for your reply.
I removed the pathway to 32bit and rescanned so only the 64bit show up.

Does it fixed the problem?

Still on the blocklist. I’ve reactivated them but they don’t seem to be working correctly… :frowning:

Which version of Kontakt is it, for example?

  1. Will restart the machine and and cubase to see if that works.

Hi Steven,

You can manage your VST instruments in the Plug-in Manager window (Devices > Plug-in Manager)

He knows already… I guess
otherwise he would not know his plug-ins are blacklisted