VST2 plugins which stops working after a VST3 is installed

Have you also experienced the last year(s) or so that certain VST2 plugins are not found by Cubase anymore?
The worst thing about this is that when you load up an earlier song/project which contained this plugin, it will not find it, and when you choose the newer VST3, it becomes impossible to get the exact sound/preset that you once used in this song.

Some plugin vendors (Arturia, U-he, Roland, iZotope etc) has managed to make both their VST2 and VST3 visible - while others have not.

Is it the unique ID of these VST:s that is the answer to why some fails while others don’t?
For those vendors who have failed, would it be a difficult thing to fix?


I don’t know, if it’s the unique ID think, maybe you are right. In any case, if you have VST2 and VST3 version of the same plug-in installed (now, the question is, how is the “same plug” defined), Cubase block-lists the VST2 plug-in of it.

If some vendors can handle it, I believe, the other can do it too.

It would perhaps be easier if these VST2:s showed up in Cubase blocklist, but unfortunately they are nowhere to be found in the VST Plug-in Manager :slightly_frowning_face: