VST2 vs VST3: Different values scale for automation track when copy/paste

I am finally switching from VST2 plugin versions to VST3 ones, but I encountered some strange stuff regarding automation track.

Actually, to be honest, I am not quite sure if this really has anything to do with the VST2/VST3 switch, but anyway: let’s say I have some automation on some of the VST2 plugs (in my case it is “khs Pitch Shifter”), but when I copy that automation and paste it into the same plugin of VST3 version, its values are not absolutely the same because for some reason Cubase 12 decided to “measuring” the values in scale of -infinity to +6.02 instead of original VST2 automation values between 0 and 100.

So is there some hidden parameter I need to set in C12 so that it would copy it exactly as it was on the VST2 automation track?

I am also adding additional picture of both automation track, that is the original one for VST2 version of the plugin and the copied one below it for the VST3 version of the plugin…as you can see shape is exactly the same (that is automation values at exactly the same time stamps), what differs is C12 interpretation of the “filling” of the shape and beforementioned different scaling.

It’s difficult to say.
You blurred the parameters, that makes it impossible to see what’s going on.

It could be a change in the plugins itself?

Not sure myself. But additionally to asking here I would also address the good folks at kiloHearts with your findings.
Maybe something changed inside the plugin during the conversion to VST3.

No, I did not blurred any relevant parameter be it plugin itself or anything dealing with hte plugin(s) or their automation…I blurred only names and such stuff irrelevant to the problem.

I do not know where are you looking at but I see all you need to see in those two pictures: all plugin values, even one of the automation values that is saying both are at the same point in time.

I just copied automation for Pitch parameter from one track automation instance (VST2) and pasted it into the other one (VST3) at exactly the same place/time values.

Of course you blurred the automation tracks. They are relevant, maybe.

As you can read I said I COPY/PASTED - what is not understandable here?

Ok, help yourself! Good luck!

Sure, with irrelevant answers like yours that is the only thing one has, unfortunately.

Might be…not, probably, cos now as I look at the two automation tracks (newly added picture above in main post) I see it is most probably C12 “thing” as it pasted the copied track differently: it looks to me like the filling is reversed for some reason.

The plug-in developers would know for sure. To me, it looks that the VST2 version parameter takes absolute values, while the VST3 version takes relative values, around a center value. The deviation from the center value is filled. (Similar to how pan automation would be for example)

I don’t know what this means, but seeing that there is a difference, no matter how small, I wouldn’t expect the same behaviour.

I would send them an email.

But how come that the plugin itself dictates the main application in which way it has to write its own internal automation values???

Sure I may be wrong, but AFAIK this is INTERNAL APPLICATION BEHAVIOR, that is when I copy value of the same type of parameter it is pasted in exactly the same way regardless of plugin’s internal interpretation of the value (which would be the case if the VST3 version somehow changed that interpretation)…or not???

As for the e-mail: in fact, I did wrote them once but to this day I received no answer at all, so IDK.

I don’t have the faintest idea, honest.

I will test what happens if I copy/paste that value to another instance of the VST2 version of the same plugin now!

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So, this is what I found after the test:

  • it seems IT IS NOT any sort of “default” C12 behavior dealing VST2 plugs vs. VST3 ones (tested Softube’s VIntage Amp Room VST2 vs VST3 versions - no problem, automation value is pasted exactly as expected)

  • it seems to be SPECIFIC PLUG(S) “PROBLEM”, like those kiloHearts plugs, but not all (gee!): it ocures with abovementioned “khs Pitch Shifter” but not at all for “khs Distortion”

  • YES, it is the same behavior with the specific VST2 on another newly created track: when I insert VST2 version of the plugin, that automation data it is pasted correctly as on original, but when I insert VST3 version of that plugin it is pasted wrongly again (and I talk about the specific plugin here, namely “khs Pitch Shifter”).

Thus most probably it seems to be kiloHearts issue, unfortunately for me, ah!

It would be great if anyone else using kiloHearts plugs could test it too so we would be sure for 100% this is the case.