VST3 64bits plugins blacklisted in Cubase 12

Hi all,

I have a lot of plugins that are blacklisted when running Cubase 12 natively with Apple.

I have a M1 Max MacBook Pro (4TB, 64 RAM).

After being in contact with some of the manufacturers of these plugins, they assured me that they only run in 64bits and from my understanding VST3 is compatible and supported for C12 natively.

A couple examples include: Massive X from NI, Ozone 9 Advanced from iZotope.

To me, it makes no sense. But maybe I missed something.
Anyone knows?

Thank you.

The problem is they are not Apple Silicon Native. Native instruments made Kontakt ASN (‘I just made that up, it’s short hand for Apple Silicon Native ) but so far haven’t made anything else ASN.
It is coming though. IZotope sent out an email a few days ago saying that RX is now ASN. Ozone 9 is coming soon, possibly a few weeks maybe a few days, we will see.
Sonarworks have said that Sound ID will be ASN on march 28th

This is the year I think we will see a massive uptake and at the very very least developers will add support in their next version update.

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Where I was confused is the fact that they are VST3 and 64bits.
So that doesn’t matter if they aren’t “ASN”?

If this is the reason, then I’m all good. Only a matter of time I guess.

I will just add that I too was under the impression that a VST 3 64 bit plugin would work in ASN Cubase with some magic bridging the gap between the two. Alas….since upgrading to Cubase 12, this is not the case it seems and the plugin needs to be Native and 64bit AND VST3.
Hence I only have literally one plugin lol

Rosetta works so well though. Not perfect, not the absolute ideal but it’ll get us by for the next few months.

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I do agree, Rosetta is killing it so it’s not really an issue.

Can’t wait for the industry to catch up and unleash the power of a Native Cubase!

Thank you for your insight and help.

…and then they release a Mac Studio and you think….damn.

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AND a new chip M1 Ultra Max Super Pro Fusion Alpha … We loving it!