VST3 API: Add support for KOMPLETE KONTROL type hardware/software when using VST3 supporting DAWs w Vienna Ensemble Pro

Native Instruments NSP standard for allowing plugins and plugin libraries to support the NI KOMPLETE KONTROL series of hardware controllers is getting wide useage. However they cannot be used for plugins that are being hosted remotely in plugin servers like Vienna Ensemble Pro that are connected to a DAW like Cubase.

If the plugin server like Vienna Ensemble Pro. were able to host VST3 plugins - AND… a modified VST API were able to provide support for hardware controllers like KOMPLETE KONTROL to manage plugins remotely over the network as well as locally in the DAW ( as is currently the case ) then this would make the workflow for composers who use many instances of plugin servers - typically Vienna Ensemble - able to make use of KOMPLETE KONTROL. for those orchestral samples etc- as well as plugins hosted in the DAW itself ( as is the case now ).

This is off topic for the Cubase forums. Please visit the dev forum to discuss this: https://sdk.steinberg.net/

Read the documentation for the SDK as well- you will learn that anyone can modify the API. VST3 is open to anyone who wishes to code and follow the licensing policies.

In regard to NI, you might tell them. They have had years to build a VST3 plugin, as well as to implement various commands into their VST2 products but have not done so.