VST3 Effect Listed as an Instrument

I’m using an Electron Analog Heat via their Overbridge plugin. The VST2 version appears in plugin manager as an effect as expected, but the VST3 version is in the Instruments section with ‘Instrument|Effect’ in the Category column. This means that it’s impossible to select it as an insert effect for a track.

Is there any way to edit this category myself or is it something I need to tell Elektron about?

You cannot edit that, instrument and effect plugins are two different kind of plugins that are programmed and compiled differently.

ok thanks for the info. I’ll raise the issue with Elektron

In case anybody is interested, I’ve reported this to Elektron and they say it’s a known issue which will be fixed in the next release

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Thanks for letting them know!
I just thought something is wrong with me when I could insert Overbridge as an instrument :smiley: