VST3 identifying icons?

Is there a way in Cubase 7 to differentiate between VST2 and VST3 plugns? There used to be a specific icon for vst3, but now a VST2 and VST3 version of the same plugin seem to both be listed identically. Am I missing something?

/// = VST3

I used to see the /// in 6.5 but I do not see it in 7. Are you seeing the /// in 7?


Maybe an alternative workaround is to block the VST 2 version from a given plugin, leaving only the VST3 version.

I’m seeing it when I add instrument track which still uses the old menu but not seeing anything differentiating VST3 from VST2 in the new inserts plugin menu. Personally, I actually prefer the new menu. Its much cleaner and less distracting IMO. Also, I never install both the VST2 and VST3 version of a plugin… I only use the VST3 version if its an option.

From some time I notice that vst3 are better for performance and have a lovely and easy ‘sidechain’ function. So, from now I allways install vst3 versions. But with older projects where I’v use vst2 and vst3, some vendors plugins can exchange plugins without problem, others not. For example I have Plugins Alliance (free pack) in vst2 format in many projects. Then I install new version only in vst3 format (no vst2 install). They work perfectly and dont ask for previous format (missing plugins). Others plugins can’t find vst3 and report there are missing it. It would be great to uninstall (or delete dll) all vst2 and left only vs3 format and projects will work good. For example Softube, Vengeance plugins can’t do that. Maybe it’s about plugins ID or something… ?

Sorry for my poor english. Sometime its hard to explain problem correctly for me :wink:

I always rename (I could delete but I don’t) the VST2 file extensions for the ones that don’t have the option to only install VST3. This way Cubase won’t try to load them.