VST3 Inserts in Inspects Unreadable - Any Solution?

Lot’s of 3rd Party Vendors put their Name in front of the Plugin Name.

For Example Fabfilter has VST3 Plugins called “Fabfilter - Pro Q 2” or “Fabfilter - Pro C 2”.

Now sadly instead of abbreviating those Names properly (like for example Pro Tools or Studio One do), Cubase shows them as “Fabfilter … 2”) in the Inspector. :unamused: Therefore making it impossible to distinguish between ProQ2 and ProC2 etc.

Is there any solution to this? I tried renaming the VST3s locally to test it out, but in Cubase they still register under their original name.


Unfortunately you can’t choose your custom name for the plug-in.

Just for my info, how does Pro Tools or Studio One abbreviate these plug-ins names?

Pro Tools abbreviate Names in general (also Tracknames) in a more intelligent way. While Cubase/Nuendo always shows the beginning + … + last letter (so for example “Fabfilter … 2”) in Pro Tools you will see (“FbfltrProC2”). Even when the abbreviation is quite large, with that you can still understand the Name that was used.

Really whish there would be some solution for Cubase. The Plugin Tab in the Inspector is pretty much a hit and miss because all I see is “Fabfilter …” when using their different plugins.


It looks like Pro Tools removed all vowels (but the one at the end) and the spaces. That’s quite smart.

And when I saw the name now… Yes, this is typical Pro Tools look. :slight_smile: