VST3 Integration with Komplete Kontrol NKS?

Anyone know whether this is possible in future with either the NI Control or AKAI Advanced?

For some reason NI doesn’t seem to be very found on adopting the VST3 specification.
There are feature requests on the NI forum for VST3 versions of their plugins since VST3 came out in 2008. Ironically they did roll out the younger and host dependent AAX for most of their plugins. Luckily Halion comes in VST2.4 too for the slower companies :laughing:

If you are looking for a hardware controller for your VST3 plugins, the Nektar Panorama doesn’t require a wrapper type host and maps the plugins directly through Cubase. That means if Cubase can see a plugin so can the Nektar.

Not on OSX, unfortunately. Makes using Halion in Pro Tools or in Komplete Kontrol a bit of a chore.