VST3 is more stable? bah

VST3 is more stable? That’s what all in pro of this change say about it…

The fact is, it’s not like that…

Today for example, I had 2 different problems with VST3, using 2 different instruments.

Trying to use only VST3… however this kind of instability and crashes I had already experienced in the past with other products… which is why my reason for using only VST2, being the most stable file extension…


serious problem

ProQ3 inside Elements (both VST3) malfunctioning

Cubase 64bit 2022.4.12 (688.1 KB)

I hate to say it… but I told you… or rather … we the bunch of users in pro of VST2 told you … many problems will come when there is only possibility to use VST3…



The crash is in the DSP56300Emu. Probably a plug-in.

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Pro-Q3 doesn’t work properly in Element, neither in the VST plugin nor in the standalone application. So, that issue must probably be fixed there. Maybe you should create a ticket in their bug tracker.

Yes, a plugin, beta/experimental. Pretty cool though

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Yeah sorry, but where did you read that available downloads still in BETA status besides being an open source project?..

It’s funny anyway, because the VST2 version doesn’t cause the above problems, the same applies for ELEMENTS with Fabfilter ProQ3. Using the VST2 makes smooth all the work, and a thread for a Wrapper request wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I guess they didn’t make the VST3 version correctly then.

All my plugins are VST3, many of them code heavy and I’m guessing complicated background operations. Zero problems here.

Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more, however you should know that this is the case for many VST3 on the market… precisely “they don’t develop it well”, so VST3 currently remains unstable, that’s the point.


I got the impression from the website. Can you link me to the release?

@Martin90 user mentioned that other VST plugin you Pro-Q3 has problem working with Element, have you checked with Fabfilter or kushview folks?

As far as I understood the comments made earlier about stability it wasn’t really about all VST3 plugin vendors automatically doing everything right, but rather that by spending less resources on accommodating VST2 Steinberg can make Cubase more stable by itself. Of course there will never be guarantees that third party software will be 100% stable in any host since they can do it wrong.


This is the link to the same site I posted earlier.

I don’t see any indication of beta or release status, but it’s likely that that community would like to fix the bug, maybe engage with them?

I’m very very picky about what plugins I add into my DAW, as I do work commercially sometimes and dont want problems, so I have no stability problems. All of the VST3 I have, are long established VST3 devs… Plugin Alliance, Sonnox, Voxengo (pretty much a one man op), Oek Sound, Eventide, Nugen, etc. I can’t recall any problems, I think there were maybe some problems with Eiosis Air EQ at one point but they got patched quick. Please do not take offense to this, as I understand the enticement to try new things and experiment and explore… but exploration and stability don’t always go hand in hand… Unfortunately, the Columbia space crew found out. For devs who are just switching to VST3, I’d give them a year if you’re concern is stability. Lots of long proven stable VST3 products to choose from on the market. As soon as saw devs avoiding VST3 and clenching onto VST2, I ditched them for the reasons you are finding. it’s bad development ethic on their part.

speaking of exploration… a Nord Modular emulation would be pretty wild.

Was this question directed to me?
I haven’t contacted FabFilter or Kushview about this issue. I just tried running the VST3 version of Pro-Q3 with Element. The filters don’t work properly or not at all (as shown in @Nordlead27’s video above). I don’t have these problems with Cubase or other standalone VST hosts, like Cantabile. All VST2 and VST3 plugins I use run pretty reliably with them.

Sorry, I meant to refer to what you said, but forgot to finish editing before I sent the message. d’oh.

It is Virus C, the Nordlead is not launched yet

On the other hand, this doesn’t happen only with “experimental” new brands, it happened to me with established brands too…

The thing to do is post a repro sequence so it can be troubleshooted. This way a bug report can be created in Steinberg’s bug tracker, or, if the cause is found to be elsewhere, and then it can be reported to a party who can fix it. (maybe!)

The emu is still in beta phase, you can check it from discord

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Beta or not, VST2 doesnt cause this kind of known problems

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I was talking about what synths are listed in the FAQ where a MicroModular and the regular Modular are listed.

Sure, true thing. Depends what we consider “established”, I’d consider Sonnox, Waves, Autotune to be “established”, but I would not consider Acustica established who had problems with Cubase… I think even as VST2? Can’t remember.

Everyone suffers from bugs, not sure any piece of software ever has been made without one… but, certain developers have a methodology and ethic of development that avoids problems more than others, and at that, there are many although maybe not “established” but certainly popular developers who just don’t exercise that “NASA” level of development. The point I was getting to hopefully without offending you, is that it’s A.) It’s maybe the developers who aren’t “stable” and B.) it’s maybe your choices that aren’t stable. You and I are living examples, I’ve made different choices and I have less/no problems. I wouldn’t add an obscure experimental open source VST project into my plugin folder without the almost-certain expectation that it could cause me problems, not be stable, and will require a time investment of communicating with the developers to improve their product (or in most cases, if their response to me slow, they get axed and I never go back to them again).

So, I’m not sure your perception of VST3 being not more stable is accurate, and is rooted in your frustration of your experiences but to a certain degree, you are choosing your experiences. I’ve used VST format for a long time, I can recall way more stability problems and issues with VST2 plugins for the length of it’s existence than I can with VST3. a Volvo is a stable brand of vehicle, but ultimately that stability relies on the driver not driving off a cliff. VST3/Cubase is the vehicle in this analogy.

Can’t remember when the Blacklist came into play, was it as early as Cubase 4? But I feel like that was during VST2 because of the VST goldrush of downloads and people not being able to figure out which plugins were causing them problems, and then having to remove all plugins out of the folder and adding them back one by one, testing as they go.