VST3 is more stable? bah

It is Virus C, the Nordlead is not launched yet

On the other hand, this doesn’t happen only with “experimental” new brands, it happened to me with established brands too…

The thing to do is post a repro sequence so it can be troubleshooted. This way a bug report can be created in Steinberg’s bug tracker, or, if the cause is found to be elsewhere, and then it can be reported to a party who can fix it. (maybe!)

The emu is still in beta phase, you can check it from discord

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Beta or not, VST2 doesnt cause this kind of known problems

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I was talking about what synths are listed in the FAQ where a MicroModular and the regular Modular are listed.

Sure, true thing. Depends what we consider “established”, I’d consider Sonnox, Waves, Autotune to be “established”, but I would not consider Acustica established who had problems with Cubase… I think even as VST2? Can’t remember.

Everyone suffers from bugs, not sure any piece of software ever has been made without one… but, certain developers have a methodology and ethic of development that avoids problems more than others, and at that, there are many although maybe not “established” but certainly popular developers who just don’t exercise that “NASA” level of development. The point I was getting to hopefully without offending you, is that it’s A.) It’s maybe the developers who aren’t “stable” and B.) it’s maybe your choices that aren’t stable. You and I are living examples, I’ve made different choices and I have less/no problems. I wouldn’t add an obscure experimental open source VST project into my plugin folder without the almost-certain expectation that it could cause me problems, not be stable, and will require a time investment of communicating with the developers to improve their product (or in most cases, if their response to me slow, they get axed and I never go back to them again).

So, I’m not sure your perception of VST3 being not more stable is accurate, and is rooted in your frustration of your experiences but to a certain degree, you are choosing your experiences. I’ve used VST format for a long time, I can recall way more stability problems and issues with VST2 plugins for the length of it’s existence than I can with VST3. a Volvo is a stable brand of vehicle, but ultimately that stability relies on the driver not driving off a cliff. VST3/Cubase is the vehicle in this analogy.

Can’t remember when the Blacklist came into play, was it as early as Cubase 4? But I feel like that was during VST2 because of the VST goldrush of downloads and people not being able to figure out which plugins were causing them problems, and then having to remove all plugins out of the folder and adding them back one by one, testing as they go.

No offense, but I don’t understand why do people always compare software with cars/vehicles? … It is unecessary to make that kind of references, due the nature and enormous difference of each type of invent…

Well there are many brands that have problems with VST3, you yourself have mentioned it, you are picky when choosing and the reason, is the same that evokes the reason for this topic, I imagine that when choosing carefully your plugins and your VST3, is knowing that there are still many problems with this file extension … and perhaps you are more careful than most in your choices with what you install or not, however most like some other popular brands on the market that if they have problems with their versions VST3…

If you want, explain why instead of just arbitrarily dismissing it. I think it’s a completely apt analogy, the differences don’t negate it. Windows Notepad is a stable piece of software until you start doing modern code in it. An SUV is a stable vehicle until you start doing turns at high speeds.

o you’re saying all developers are perfect and VST3 is the problem. In how many of these cases, does it require patching on Steinbergs end, vs patching on the developers end? If my entire library of VST3 plugins is completely stable, how can your assertions be true?

Sorry, that just doesn’t make sense friend. I wasn’t overly careful. I just keep what works and what doesn’t, and any strange behavior from a dev, a crappy support reply, no reply, a reply a week later, long patch turnaround times, blaming VST instead of their “couple modifications to the standard”, etc, etc… Forget about Cubase Blacklist, they get added to my wallets Blacklist. forever.

This conversations over, I wish you well.

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Now the message is out there in regards to VST2, developers will need to ensure VST3 versions are up to scratch - is this not the very point of Steinberg’s announcement being the most definitive yet?


Arbitrarily in what context? to tell you my opinion in that I do not see how a car can be related with a VST code and generalizing because everyone always compares with cars as if both things had some relationship is just an opinion exactly like yours.

What a peculiar conclusion, on the contrary, what I am saying is that the developers are not ready to perfection VST3 yet, at least not the third party companies, I guess only the owners of VST3 (Steinberg) are prepared to have taken such a drastic and inconsiderate decision in several ways that have already been spoken too much and therefore it is not necessary to mention it… I can imagine that in less than 24 months the forum and the Steinberg channels will be floating in complaints and problems, and moderator will have a lot of work deleting and closing related posts… At least the topic that existed until recently for a Wrapper request, could have served to filter what will come next, but well its what it is… good luck.

Hence why we’re now within that 2 year window for developers to get their act together. As much as I’m sad to see the VST2 door shut, This just isn’t a VST3 problem, and certainly not indicative that VST3 is unstable.

The negative aspect to a wrapper is that developers won’t have the same pressure to ensure VST3 runs as efficiently as possible and becomes their lead development.

If SB were to play this smart they’d have a wrapper after the shutoff, but not make it public in the interim perhaps?

Well you could say “apples and oranges”, but apples and oranges are similar - they are both fruit, they are both sweet, they both grow off trees, they both decay.

Cars and Software - depend on user control, depend on user maintenance, are volatile to user customization in which the user is responsible (people develop 3rd party parts for cars, which can cause problems), both can require upgrades to meet regulations/standards, etc, etc.

These aren’t opinions, they are realities of physics.

Bruh, how long has VST3 been out? This goes back to what I’ve been saying about ethical/stable developers versus not. We’re going in circles now… I’m new here, but I’ve been a reader, I feel like I’ve come across your posts before. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve been a big baby about this in the past. Either way - Let it go. VST2 is over. Despite being new, I’ve managed to find the ignore feature quickly thanks to you.

On my exit, I will however quote this part so that you can eat your words in 24 months.

Yes, but there’s a strong possibility that developers will still feel comfortable even if their versions of VST2 no longer work in Cubase, since 90% of the DAW brands, I don’t believe, will remove compatibility… so it’s a two-edged “weapon”, we can expect what you say to happen, or we’ll just live with VST3 problems in Cubase, as until now since few years ago…

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Then you think everyone should adopt your mindset and stop using what is unstable (in its VST3 versions) of fairly or very popular famous brands? …

That’s not a VST3 issue though, that’s a developer who doesn’t care for Cubase users.

I think they will as it’s clearly dead in the water, and new tech will be coming which VST3 will be updated in an official capacity to support. So, If DAW’s are going to incorporate elements such as MIDI 2.0, and the potential for property exchange they will need to move forward.

2+ years down the line, it’s entirely possible that CLAP and VST3 sit as the accepted global standards, along with AU that’s 3 formats to support. I can’t see why DAW developers would want to actively support VST2, when a wrapper will suffice for the small minority.

But this is all a side to the discussion really. VST3 is inherently more stable than VST2, in fact, the stability requirements and more stringent specs are a big part of the difficulties porting across to it.

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yep, is exactly what I meant with my previous comment…

to be honest, I think they have known about this for a long time and even if they preferred to give priority to VST2, I think that as long as the other DAWs are still compatible with VST2 and as long as they still have a license for VST2, they can leave Cubase users aside… but we’ll see what happens in the future…

On the other hand I just experimented with Kontakt, and I was able to open my projects that had VST2, with VST3… quite interesting and I wish all companies could create such a registry if we are going to take this step…

but what I can tell you, and again in an unfortunate way… the VST3 version of Kontakt caused the freezing of Cubase… something that had never happened to me with the VST2 version… there are many things that I see coming and I don’t think that in 24 months they will be solved, being that other developers have not been able to solve this kind of things since VST3 exists, not that I think negatively, but I see things as they are.

You should maybe change the title of the thread then. It’s misleading. If you want to say that some VST3 plugins are making a DAW unstable then say that. The way you worded it makes it seem like there’s a fundamental problem with VST3 that makes it unstable.

You get the difference right?

I just found another forum where the talk precisely points the problems caused by the new VST3 version of Kontakt.

Okay, but later in the topic the OP says,

Ok, just tested vst2 in a new project and… it crashes too! So it’s about the latest version of kontakt it seems. Or a library, so far it seems random.

In my case I have chosen to uninstall the new version of Kontakt and make a downgrade, due it caused freezes when opening two of my projects and also when running them, besides my personal libraries, some that I have made and others free, I can not see them in the left panel no matter what I do, and of course that is separate, but looking for a solution to various problems I encountered with that version was that I found this forum, and in a general search … I saw more similar topics.

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Actually no VST3 work properly in Element, as far as Ive recently experienced… GUI takes long to open and freezes Cubase for moments when VST3 plugins are loaded in Element…