Vst3 Made with synthedit Presets loading #BUG

I was wondering if there is a reason possibly that Synth Edit plugins load presets fine from the Host vst3 preset system but do not work correctly when loaded from the SYnth Edit internal preset system. Synth Edit uses track automation or moving each/all control/s at once to change presets with its internal preset browser.

There seems to be no problem when there are 500 or less parameters once you have say 650 parameters the internal preset system scrambles the parameters or loads some correctly but not all and at random…

Is there a limit to the amount of track automation parameters that can be changed at once? Is Unit Info required for parameters > 20. Also is there any known bugs for synthedit with cubase and should cubase be blacklisted from synth edit support? If anybody has any insight or help I would appreciate it thank you.