VST3 Plug In Alliance plug ins not showing up Wavelab 8.5

I have downloaded a number of VST3 plug ins from Plugin Alliance…show up in Reaper fine but cannot get them to show up in Wavelab 8.5…have pointed the folder they live in to be scanned when re starting but they still don’t turn up in my available plug ins list…any ideas?Thanks

PS: The plug ins are:
AMEK Mastering Compressor
Brainworx bx_ Limiter True Peak
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Millennia NSEQ-2

Plus a non PIAlliance one: Fab Filter Pro Q 3

Maybe you installed 32 bit versions of the plugins, while while WaveLab runs in 64 bit, or the opposite.

Hello…yes I realised my Wavelab 8.5 is the 32 bit version and these plug ins are 64 bit…is there a way of updating 8.5 to a 64 bit version?

I can see 8.5 is still available for download on the unsupported software page…is this the 64 bit version?

No, you must use a more recent WaveLab version.