VST3 plug-ins not replacing VST2 versions on projects

I have previously used Fabfilter’s pro-Q vst2 version and now replaced it with the VST3 version. Now every time I load a pre-existing project or template that used the VST2 version, Cubase 6 gives me the missing plug-in message. I can open the VST3 version of the plug-in just fine, so why won’t Cubase just automatically load the VST3 in place of the VST2 version? This is driving me nuts! :confused:

Because technically it´s a different Plugin.

Thant stinks! So why would anyone want to use VST3 then, unless it was for a brand new product? All my old project files will never be able to open VST3 versions of what I have used previously with VST2 versions. Do I (or can I) have to have both VST2 and VST3 versions of the same plug-in installed? This all seems pretty strange to me. :confused:

Usually yes…

hmmmm…well that’s good at least. I still find the entire VST2/VST3 incompatibility perplexing.