VST3 plugins not found

I guess i’m missing something really obvious here.

Cubase 7 is not seeing the x64 plugins located in the CommonFiles/VST3 folder.

Will I have to drag them to the x64 Porgram Files/VstPlugins/ Folder? But then that’ll be missing the point of VST3, right?

Initially had a similar problem with the x86 plugins folder, but luckily there is an option to add VST2 folders under “Plug-In Information”. There is not an option to add “VST3” folders.

EDIT: I have found that dragging the dll files from the VST3 folder to the x64 VST2 folder enables Cubase to see them.
Is this an inpractical solution? Are there not advantages to using the VST3 mode… i.e. lower CPU usage? (i actually have no idea)