VST3 Plugins & VSTi's showing up as hollow shells!

I posted this problem originally in the VSTi section because the problem was originally limited to the onboard N4 instruments ( See http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=7438 ). But now, I’ve noticed that the problem has also expanded to all of th VST3 FX, EQ & Dynamic plugins.

I open Halion and there are no instruments to select from. In fact there is nothing but the empty columns of the menu where all the instrument catagories should be. Same thing with Studio EQ or Stereo Delay. I open the plug, go to the menu to select a pre-set and it’s empty. I close the project and re-start it; no change. If I shut Nuendo down and re-start it from scratch, the plugs return to normal. I do not have this problem with my Universal Audio, Voxengo, Isotope or even any of my VST2 plugs from N3 or earlier, JUST THE VST3 PLUGS & INSTRUMENTS.

I’m still trying to determine if this happens only when I open a project from the project shortcut, which opens N4 or if it’s still there if I open N4 first and then open the project. There had bee a bug where Nuendo would crash altogether when you tried opening from the project short cut, giving you a C++ error reading before locking up. So, I don’t know if it’s a leftover from that issue. What I do know is that this is very annoying.

Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone help me with this? Any constructive information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Well this appears to be a bug of some kind. Could someone confirm this for me?


  1. Open an N4 project from the shortcut of the file.
  2. When it’s open, pull up a VST3 plug or VSTi
  3. The menu should be blank (just rows for menus but all will be empty)
  4. Close project.
  5. Open Nuendo 4 FIRST.
  6. Open the same project previously opened from the shortcut.
  7. When it’s open, pull up the same VST3 plug or VSTi
  8. The full menu and options should be present.