VST3 plugins

Does Dorico support VST3 plugins?

Simple answer: Yes.

They are automatically accessible. No whitelisting required (and no black-listing possible…)

Strange - I found out all my plugiuns were blacklisted. But now that I know about the white/blacklist all is OK.

Well, Marc is not 100 % correct. VST3 plug-ins do get blacklisted when the scanner (during Dorico startup) finds them misbehaving.
And you cannot blacklist VST3 plug-ins manually by putting them on the blacklist.

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Thanks Ulf, I didn’t know that faulty vst3 would get black listed, and indeed this is a feature, a very good thing, I mean!

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So I wonder my ALL my VST3 were deemed faulty. What does faulty mean in this context? They all work fine in all my DAWs.

Me, too, I wonder as well.
At start up, the scanner loads every plug-in and does some very basic tests on the plug-ins and if they don’t respond in the specified way, they get put on the blacklist and won’t appear any more in Dorico.
Blacklisted plug-ins are rare though, the big majority is fine and shall appear and work in Dorico.
You say that now your VST3s are all available? If so, I also wonder that they were not at some stage, because it is not usual that plug-ins disappear and then suddenly reappear.
Let’s hope it stays the way it is now and do come back if something unusual happens.