VST3 presets show up in Cubase but not Wavelab

I have program presets hard-coded into my plugin (legacy VST2 style) and I’m curious why they show up in Cubase but not Wavelab? The only thing that shows up in the presets menu in Wavelab is the “Default” preset.

If there’s a problem in my code why does it work right in Cubase and other VST3 hosts but NOT in Wavelab?

It seems that some host do not support the ProgramChange Parameter API specified in the VST3 protocol (e.g. Studio One, Sonar and probably Wavelab). You can also expose your plugin’s presets to the host by placing your preset chunks in the vstpreset format in one of the locations specified in the SDK documentation: Format / Locations -> Preset Locations). You can also find a brief documentation of the vstpreset format on that page.

You may want to take a look at the Steinberg::Vst::PresetFile class which is capable of generating a vstpreset chunk from a given IBStream as returned by IComponent::getState() / IEditController::getState(). Using that class you can easily create a post-build tool or embed a preset extractor in your plugin in order to create the required preset files.

Hope that helps.



you are using IUnitInfo and IProgramListData for that, right?

I will check if this is implemented correctly or implemented at all in WaveLab as soon as possible :wink:


Are you suggesting this may be a problem in Wavelab and you can fix it? Or are you saying you need to check and revise your own plugin(s) in some way?

I don’t know if the problem is in my plugin or in Wavelab. How can I find out?

Yes :wink:

I will come back to you after I had a closer look.


Hi René,

Were you able to find out anything about this?


definitely a WaveLab “bug”. IUnitInfo in combination with IProgramList is not implemented. Unfortunately I cannot tell you when I can do it. But I believe it should be in the next major update of WaveLab.



Thank you for checking into this. I will keep an eye out for the update. WL is a great, beast of a product BTW - I use it nearly every day!