VST3 Presets

I notice on my Windows 7 32 and 64 bit OS’s that there are a few different locations which have VST3 Preset Directories.
Has anyone here ever tried combining all these into one directory on a seperate data drive and then updating any pointer files such as the Cubase 5 and/or 6 preference files.

I assume Steinberg’s Media bay can index these file types so re-indexing after a move also probably required.

Any feedback/pointers appreciated.



HI Dave,

havent’ tried it and I’m a Mac guy (so take this in the appropriate context!)

Having said that, I think you SHOULD be able to consolidate them as desired, then go into Media Bay / Define Locations and make sure your new location is a defined location. Select it and hit ‘rescan’.

Don’t forget the “plug in information” window on the “Devices” menu as a resource!

Hope this helps (if you try it? …let me know…ya know… how that works out for you.) :wink: