VST3 Project Generator issue - text fields greyed out

I have just downloaded the SDK and installed CMake on Windows 10. When I start the plugin generator, the text fields (such as the plugin’s name) are all greyed out. How can I reinstall the SDK from the scratch or fix the project generator?

Are you sure to have set the cmake and the vst-sdk path in the Preferences Panel?

This happened to me as well, but it turned out that Cmake was causing the issue. Text greyed out, won’t let me click on anything, etc.

I uninstalled Cmake via Add/Remove Programs (I’m also on Windows 10), then I reinstalled it and this time during installation I selected to “add PATH for this user” or similar phrasing (standard installation by default does not add PATH).

If that does not work for you, try an older version of Cmake and do what I described. I know this was an old post but I hope this helps someone like me.

In the first tab of this app you should select the location of cmake (if it was not automatically set):
VST 3 Project Generator - VST 3 Developer Portal (steinbergmedia.github.io)