VST3 Scanning Ridiculously Long if PC Restarted/Shutdown

I’ve seen some threads about others having this issue but I’m going to add my voice here as I’m on Windows 11, using Cubase Pro 11.0.41

VST3 Scanning takes over 8 minutes after a PC restart or hard shutdown, which is insane.
Yet it takes only a few seconds (at most!) after a PC sleep/hibernate/wake.
It’s also pretty much instant if Cubase is simply quit and relaunched.

Does anyone know what causes the fact that it takes SOOOO long to get thru this VST3 Scanning only and specifically after a PC restart or shutdown? And do we really have to sit thru this if we have made no change to our plugins?

I also use Adobe Audition and I don’t have to wait thru an 8 minute scan after a PC restart…but I can manually tell it to rescan plugins once inside if needed (which would then take the 8 minutes).

Would be nice if Steinberg did this as well, or would at least retain whatever cache it has that allows it to preserve its speedy scan ability post sleep mode but thru an actual PC shutdown or restart.

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Hi. For me too, although its about 60 seconds to 120 seconds. I tried to uninstall waves completely as most of the cases, it was due to waves plugins. Try to move the licenses into local drive if it is in your case.

However, for me it turned out to be not because of waves, but Windows Security. I turned off Real time protection after restarting my computer (Windows 10), then the vst 3 scanning was less than 1 second. Then without restarting computer I quit Cubase 11 and turned on real time protection from Windows security (the in-built anti virus and security program), then again vst3 started to scan for 58 seconds.

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WOW! Simply WOW. Does Steinberg know about this?
I did a PC restart, turned off “Real-time protection” in Windows Security setting and launched Cubase Pro 11. Whereas it would have taken over 8 minutes to scan the VST3 plugins after restarting the PC, it only took 5 seconds.
I don’t know how you figured this out, but hopefully it helps out alot of people. And hopefully it helps Steinberg create a solution. Thanks again!!! :grinning:

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That’s great to hear it was the same cause. Glad to be helpful.

Steinberg thought it is mostly due to Waves, which was true in many cases. But once they asked to try disabling anti-virus program. But they only told third party anti-virus program could also be the cause and not Windows security as they never got such issues. After I tried and told them they came to know even Windows security can be one of the causes now.

I’m still figuring out what all to add in exclusion list so that I can keep the real time protection ON always.

Oh great idea!
I suppose we can just add the VST3 folder to the exclusions of Windows Security no?

I added Cubase11.exe, the path to the folder of Cubase 11.exe and the process Cubase 11.exe as well. But it didn’t help. Another Cubase user gave an idea to try adding the vst scanner process. When it is scanning vst3, open the task manager to see the exact name of the process. I’ll try this and your idea today.

I never had any Windows-protection enabled, only my ESET virusscanner is activated all the time.
My C11 alway starts superquick.

Why am I not surprised? Waves is simply the worst plugin provider out there. Money down the drain for me. Plus their business model sucks.

I use Windows protection as its free and enough reliable so far.

Yes, but I like some of their plugins for their price and only need to upgrade the WUP which was annoying. Though, my comment was to clarify that this issue was not because of Waves plugins.