VST3 + VSTGUI 3.6, working well, yay!

Just wanted to share my joy! Got VSTGUI 3.6 working with the VST3 version of our SynthMaster! Our internal UI framework is entirely based on VSTGUI 3.6 (I’m working on upgrading that to 4.3 by the way), so I was really worried that using an older version of VSTGUI would not work.

But I was wrong, VSTGUI 3.6 integrates just fine with a VST3 plugin. Some implementation details:

  1. My processor is derived from SingleComponentEffect. Sorry guys, can’t separate the processor and the editor :slight_smile:
    2 The UI editor is derived from VSTGUIEditor. I guess that class is the VST3 version of AEffGUIEditor.
  2. USE_VST_EXTENSIONS_IN_VSTGUI macro should be undefined