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I’m having an issue with some of my VST3i instruments not being loaded, specifically, The Odin II and Loki II. How do I go about solving this ?
I’m using these plugins on a different workstation with Dorico, so I’ve excluded compatibility issues.

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Dorico Diagnostics.zip (600.7 KB)

Hi @ChristianDF , are you sure that they are VST3 rather than VST2 plug-ins? Because Dorico does not detect Odin II or Loki II. VST3 plug-ins do automatically detected, since they live in predefined locations. VST2s can be just anywhere, but you have to tell Dorico the search path.
Could you please find the Odin and Loki plug-in on your system and tell me where they currently reside? Thanks

Hi @Ulf , and thanks for your swift reply!


From my understanding, yes.
I re-installed the VST’s to the primary partion C:\ on my windows 11 64-bit syststem and now Dorico detects them.

I would like to have them installed on my intended partition D:\ where I have the space form them

A second issue arose when trying to troubleshoot this. After re-installing Dorico I can no longer activate it (activation limit reached)

Hi @ChristianDF , in that case, move the plug-ins to your D partition but create a symbolic link to them in the original install location. That should do, I think.

Regarding the activation. With the new Steinberg Licenser you are allowed to run Dorico with the same license on 3 (or 4, I’m not sure) machines on the same time. If you reached that limit, then you have to release the license on another machine. Do you know on which computers you activated Dorico?

Thanks for your solution, I’ll give it a go as soon as possible.
I know two of the computers I run then on, but can’t remember the name of the third one.

Them names of the devices should be

I don’t mind that all of them are released if all I need to do is login in with the activation manager to make it work again.

@ChristianDF I’ve released all your activations on the server now so you should be able to activate again now.


Thank you very much @Ben_at_Steinberg and @Ulf . I’m always amazed by how quickly the Steinberg-team replies and resolves user issues.

All the best to both of you!

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A symbolic link to the vst in question works, but a symbolic link to the vst3 directory makes the vst3 scanner crash. Thanks again for the help.

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