VST3PluginTestHost.exe 3.6.0 throws _com_error exceptions

while working on a new plugin Visual Studio notified me about the following exception (occurs multiple times):
Exception thrown at 0x00007FFFC7FDCF19 in VST3PluginTestHost.exe: Microsoft C+±Exception: _com_error at address 0x000000000014DE90.

When compiling and executing another VST3 project (a test plugin with completety different code), the very same exceptions are thrown. So I think it is not the code of my plugins that causes the exceptions, but something inside VST3PluginTestHost.exe. The plugins themselves work as expected and do not throw any exceptions, neither in VST3PluginTestHost.exe nor in any other host.

I also noticed some time ago that VST3PluginTestHost.exe started showing some issues. For example, the program doesn’t store plugin data anymore when exiting in order to restore them when restarting it. When I started using VST3PluginTestHost.exe this worked fine, but suddenly and for no obvious reason the settings of my plugins aren’t restored anymore when restarting the test host. Instead, the plugins’ parameters are set to their default values as set when initializing the plugin.

Is it possible that the exceptions are the reason for the issue described above? and is there anything I can do to find the reason for these exceptions?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Michael

did you try to use the validator.exe to check your code?

Hi Yvan,

thanks for your reply.

validator.exe is included in my Visual Studio solution and is always run when I build my project. It executes 43 tests and reports 0 errors.

There also are no errors reported by moduleinfotool.exe and the plugin test routines provided by VST3PluginTestHost.exe.

Meanwhile I found out that the _com_error exceptions are only thrown on one of my computers. On another PC with exactly the same plugin code there are no exceptions. As VST3PluginTestHost.exe some times behaved differently on my computers in the past (it had issues on one computer which it hadn’t on another), I still assume that VST3PluginTestHost.exe causes the exceptions rather than my plugin, which runs absolutely flawlessly on any computer and any DAW I tested.

Regards, Michael

Did you get such issue with another plug-ins? like the one of the SDK?