VST3PluginTestHost Version 2.7.0 Build 4 still not supporting "bundles"?

I just updated to VST3PluginTestHost 2.7.0 Build 4 and it seems to still not support bundles (on windows at least).
Can someone verify this please?

what do you mean ? We don’t know about any problems yet.


If I build as a “bundle” on windows, nothing will show up in the plugin list.
But the DMGAudio folder shows, that it will descent into subidrectories though…

Are you running the 32 bit version and are the plug-ins also 32 bit ?


The files are “correct”, they also load fine in reaper for example.

When I copy the “Resources” and the “x86-win” folder like this:
Common Files/VST3/Steinberg/AGainSimple.vst3
Common Files/VST3/Resources/[…]
it shows up.
(It does not matter if I name it “Steinberg” or “x86-win”, just the relative path to the Resources must be kept of course)

Hi Tom,
it’s a bug in the 32 bit version of the test host. The 64 bit version should work as expected.
We will fix this for the next version.


You are right, with x64 it seems to work as expected.
The reason why I use x86 is a workaround anyway, so what I really want to achieve is that not “ALL” plugins are loaded when I open VST3PluginTestHost but only those I want to debug/test. So my current solution is to build it as 32bit as I am not using/installing 32bit plugins otherwise.

Is there away to restrict the plugins loaded/scanned by the test host? Or just change the folder that will be scanned for plugins?

No, there’s currently no way to restrict the plug-ins used by the plugin test host. I’ve made a note to check if we can add this in the future.
Depending on your use case, there are two other hosts in the SDK the “validator” and the “editorhost” which may do what you need. And they only load the plug-ins specified on the command line.