VST3sdk UIDescription Editor in different Linux hosts

I’m trying the UIDescription Editor in different Linux Hosts:

  • Reaper: Instant crash of host when opening the UIDescription Editor
    See also: Open UI Description Editor, VST SDK 3.6.6 - Cockos Incorporated Forums
  • Bitwig: Crash when tying something on the keyboard (like naming a color)
  • Ardour: Most stable, but becoming unresponsive when adding a bitmap.
    many lines of the same error, presumably from libcairo when loading any bitmap: invalid matrix (not invertible)

For Reaper see here: Crash in Reaper when using project generator- made plugin - #6 by olilarkin. Fixed in their dev builds.

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Update: Bitwig 3.3.3 seems to work reasonably well.
Ardour seems to become unresponsive when you pick a font or file, but one can escape by pressing the ESC key and then manually edit the uidesc xml file.