VST5 songs and Lion

At the moment I need to reopen “old” 2001 projects.

Now that the SX3 workaround won’t work in Lion because there’s no rosetta emulation anymore, how can we open our VST songs or arrangements?

Are people at Steinberg will give us a solution for that?


Aloha g, while there may be a solution for your prob,
IMHO no.

Seems backward compatibility can only extend
for so long and looks like Steiny is slowly cutting the
cord on some of its older technologies.

Sometimes for legal reasons.

This link might help:

Sorry, but I find this really frustrating to have all my projects previous to (and including) 2003 unreadable…

I don’t ask to open Pro24 projects from the eighties (but, thinking of it, why not?..), just some work I’ve been doing only 8 years ago.

With my Pro Tools 10 HD, I still can open (and even save) projects from the last century :mrgreen: … and I don’t really need it as when a movie edit and mix is done, it’s generally over, but for music it’s quite different IHMO.

I think having giving enough money to Steinberg since Pro24 V1.0 and buyed every update from that time to feel angry about that…


Solution: Go to Apple support forum and ask them to have Rosetta on their latest Pussycat :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve come across this type of comment before in these forums, and I really don’t see what people are thinking. “Giving money to Steinberg?” No, you bought a commodity at a certain point in time for the announced price, and SB delivered the product you wanted for that money. It’s a business transaction, not charity - you got what you payed for.

On topic: I happen to have access to a couple of old PCs to put SX3 on, and that way I can convert old or not-so-old projects to .cpr. But I think it would be a very nice gesture of Steinberg to make a simple conversion program available for this function, or have and add-on to the present Cubase, to import these projects.

Luck, Arjan

PS, Hey Jarno, good to see you around these quarters!

I really dislike this backwards incompatibility issue with Cubase.

I have lots of old .all files from CubaseVST and even older from CubaseAI and it’s always a hassle to get them working in newer versions of Cubase. Even when opening them in SX3 some data get lost or Mixer setting are wrong (EQ get muted etc.)

Steinberg really should consider to improve this problem.
What about a small converter tool where you simply drop in an older Cubase project file and be able to convert it to the newest Cubase version?
Or even better Cubase6 should be able to open every project file from all old Cubase versions including CubaseVST CubaseSX CubaseAI and Atari files :wink:

Come on Steinberg this is so important for a professional software product and Life could be so smart…


At the risk of getting flamed here…
I would say that if you really valued your archive of past creations you would have converted them to cpr long time ago :mrgreen:

Would be nice but to me that really sounds more like ‘magic’.

Just imagine the code writing it would take to accomplish that task.

Talk about the ‘angels being in the details’…

Just a way of speaking … I also say that I “give” money to my butcher … :sunglasses:

:unamused: :unamused: It’s just I’m working on a TV documentary series that last for 10 years (about one episode by year), and the director asked me for a theme used in the second episode …

BTW, I’ve so many .ALL and .ARR files that converting them all would take a very long time … especially when you see how SX3 import .ALL files …