vstAudioEngine has stopped working - audio engine process died


This is a clean install of Dorico 3.5 Pro Trial on Windows 7 x64 on a Lenovo laptop. No Halion or Cubase or anything installed.

Any ideas what I ought to do?


PS a licensed Dorico Pro 3 had the same problem on this machine

When that happens, usually a reboot is enough for me.

Also, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion (and welcome) Frigolito, though a reboot hasn’t helped. Even a complete computer rebuild didn’t help!

Is Dorico Pro 3.5 compatible with Windows 7? IIRC even Dorico 1.0 was not guaranteed to run on Windows 7 (although it usually did).

Windows 7 is not officially supported, but given some certain prerequisites it should also run on that. Have a look at Frequently Asked Questions: new users start here and then scroll down until you find a section on Windows 7.

Thanks Ulf. All sorted.

To answer Derrek - I’ve been running Dorico 3 on Windows 7 with no problems for a good while now.