VstBridge not working on Halion 64bit


i just bought the halion 4 and installed it as a 64bit plugin. it works well standalone but cubase 6 32bit does not recognize it. after installing halion 4 again as a 32bit plugin finally cubase 6 recognizes it.

what is going on??? i thought that the build in vstbridge is able to bridge at least steinbergs very own plugins.
jbridge can’t bridge halion 4 due to its many outputs.



Steinberg VstBridge works only the other way around: it can introduce 32bit plugins into Cubase 64bit, that’s it.

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thank you!
that’s good to know, steinberg didn’t mention this anywhere.
at least i didn’t see it…

In any case, it’s better if you install the 32 bit version too. Only the plugin will be installed, the library is shared between both versions.

There is a huge impact in efficiency when using any bridge for the 64<->32 bit conversion.

I remember that in the part where they explained what The VST Bridge Actually wrote that it was for running 32 Bit Plugins within a 64 Bit host

But What I don’t understand is why you only Use the 32 Bit Version Of Cubase 6 instead of the 64 Bit (You can also have both installed on your system if you like)

i am using the 32bit version of cubase because i thought it’s better to bridge just a few ram-intensive plugins like vsl, kontakt, superior drummer than all my plugins that are not available in 64bit.
i’m working a lot with freeware plugins and most of them are not available as 64bit version.

but as cubase 6 has a bridge for 32>64bit plugins i’ll give it a try.
are waves plugins working with that bridge?