VSTBridge vs Jbridge

I’m copying my comments from the UAD forum thread http://www.studionu.com/uadforums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14693

What would you advice me to use; VSTBridge or Jbridge?
Please regard that I have the UAD card, Omnisphere, Arturia and some other plugins.
And is there a possibility to have all (both 32bits & 64bits) plugs in one folder, or not more than two folders?

The Omnisphere seems to have a special structure, but it would be nice if that one also could be put in one of the usual Steinberg default Vstplugin folders.

I didn’t manage to solve the issue. And before I do anything rash, I have emailed the Jbridge support this:

"Installation went quite well, at least at first.

But after restarting Windows 7 (64), and when I launched Cubase 6 (64) again then I received a lot of UAD errors saying that my UAD software or hardware couldn’t be found anymore. And then I got a blue screen before I could take a screenshot. Very unpleasant.

(Please look at my screenshots before and while reading any further)

After Googling I’ve seen a couple of options what I could try next:

  1. One example is to choose “Run in existing auxhost”, BUT since I can’t see my UAD Powered Plugins in Cubase any longer I suspect I can’t reach that setting at the moment. Correct?

  2. Which leaves me with the next option and that is to move (or copy?) my UAD Powered Plugins-folder from C:\Program (x86)\Steinberg\MyBridgedVSTPlugins
    To C:/program/Steinberg/VSTplugins or somewhere else?

But would that help? And is it best to keep the “Powered Plugins”-folder or could it be better to paste the dll-files + txt-files directly under VSTplugins-folder? (Alternatively MyBridgedVSTPlugins-folder, if that’s where I should keep the files?)

  1. Add a new path under “VST 2.x Plug-in Paths” in Cubase, if so which path?

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If you guys know the solution to this already please post your comment here and/or pm me.


Do you mean to this folder:
Program files->Steinberg->Vstplugins

And do you mean that I should put all (both 32bit and 64 bit) plugins into that folder?



Perhaps you could rewrite your post and rephrase your problem more concisely. Too much info, most people will stop reading after the first few sentences. For instance, Omnisphere should be irrelevant since it comes in both 64 and 32 bit versions. No wrapper necessary.

You have Cubase 6 x64 in Windows 7 x64…
Sounds like you need to run some UAD plug-ins… which so far are 32 bit only
Did Cubase VST bridge not work for you?
What steps did you take to get JBridge working? Are any 32 bit plug-ins working through JBridge? That would indicate if you’ve got it set up right at all, and thus whether its a UAD specific problem. I’m not sure why you’d need to create a separate JBridge’d folder for your powered plug-ins as opposed to the native ones. As long as you’ve added the additional JBridge’d folder to the VST 2 paths you should be fine as far as Cubase finding it. I wouldn’t move them into the same folder as the other VST plug-ins…at least it is not necessary, I know that from experience.

There’s a good chance that there’s a UAD user on this board who has gone through what you’re going through.


From the beginning, read many years/plugins/cubase-versions ago, it has worked quite well…but never flawlessly.
Always have had problems when adding more and more plugins to a project.

BUT, recently I installed Halion 4, Halion Sonic and V-collection. Thats when it really started to get messy, with Cubase frequently started to whine about “VSTBridge connection lost”.

So after contacting Cubase support they said that I could try the Jbridge solution to see if that would get better, since Cubase sometimes has problems with 32bit and 64bit plugins simultaneously.

Thats what I did, and boom there came one of those old school BSOD.

I followed this tutorial when I installed Jbridge:

BSOD’s are usually hardware issues these days, not usually software issues, though I’m sure there are exceptions, and yours would seem to be a candidate for an exception on first glance.

Have you gotten anything to work through JBridge? Also, shouldn’t all the Steinberg software that you’ve recently installed come in both 32 and 64 bit versions, and so run outside of any bridge? Haven’t checked, just asking.

Go to the UAD forum and tell them they’re 5 years too late for 64 bit. Why have “Buggy bridge” posts muddying the forum threads here for years because they won’t keep up?
Bridges between drastic changes like from 32 to 64 bit will never be satisfactory. Best is to lobby the cheap software makers to hurry up. Or is UAD just telling you you’re a mug? :mrgreen: