VSTBridgeApp - Does this mean I'm running 32bit Plugins?


I’ve noticed that VSTBridgeApp.exe is running whenever I load my Cubase 7 project. Does this mean Cubase is using some 32bit plugins, and if so, is there any way of checking which ones it’s loading as 32bit?

As far as I know, all the plugins I’m using have 64bit versions, so I could do with tracking down which ones are being loaded as 32bit.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Trailerman,

if you are running any 32-bit plugin, they will be marked with a symbol next to their names. It looks like this:


Hi Luis

I’ve been wondering what those symbols were for!

I presume the other one (marked III) indicated the plugin is VST3.

Now i know - that’s extremely helpful.

Many thanks


Unless I missed something, the only image (besides the right arrows indicating sub-lists) I can see is the III for VST 3.

One can also get a complete view in “Plug-in Information” in the “Devices” menu for versions, paths and more.

Here is an image showing both of them:


I obviously never noticed, probably because I didn’t expect any indicator for 32bit, and just thought they were all indicators for VST3. It is an icon that I find doesn’t suggest anything about 32bit.

All a bit moot for me now that we don’t have any 32bit plugins.

Yes, I also think they are too similar.

there way to similar Icons …i thought any with the 3 stripes was vst3… that needs fixing !

Why not make it two horizontal lines. oh looks like a bridge…
In other words, drop the 3 vertical slashes. Boom done. Why make things complicated? Even just the middle line… that would create a box. That would be fine. Design is all about making it so no one has to ever question things, it’s just intuitive.

Booked. Very helpful thanks.

wow. i always thought that “bridge” was an inverted VST II indicator that just displayed inconsistently. :blush:

insight into my pessimism regarding the VST standard. :laughing: