VSTConnect SE in Cubase 11 Pro - behavior differs from that described in the manual

I recently purchased Cubase Pro 11 and with my colleague we started trying to make remote recordings. However, I found that the VSTConnect SE module (v5.0.20) works somewhat differently than it is specified in the manual. In particular: 1) after automatic creation of the Performer track there is no way to control its monitoring status, because the corresponding button is totally inactive 2) behavior of the Talkback button (and the corresponding mode) is not as described - the button is ALWAYS active, regardless of the transport and Rehearsal button condition . What could be the reasons for this ?

  1. by design, the track monitor button is disabled for Performer tracks as it would cause a massive delay (you hear Performer through the VST Connect Monitor plugin at any time).
  2. Rehearse is a special function, do not engage unless you know exactly what you do. Recordings will not be in sync.
    Talkback is switched automatically off during play/record unless explicitly disabled in Cubase/Nuendos menu edit/preferences/vst/control room/auto disable talkback mode, set this to “In play and record”.
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  1. I thought so, but I doubted it, since the manual describes a different behavior.
  2. Thank you very much, control room/auto disable talkback mode/“In play and record” resolved the problem :blush: